Saturday, January 12, 2013

Scrolling Digital LED Ticker library for iOS

I have released on github a framework to add an authentic scrolling LED ticker to any iPhone or iPad app, as originally seen in the Stock Picking Darts app. Display stocks, sports scores, news, or any other content on the ticker- all you need to provide is the ticker data.

Download now on GitHub

Key features:

  • Individually-rendered lightbulbs, with customizable bulb colors and images. The ticker appearance can be completely changed by implementing a simple delegate method.
  • Customizable ticker speed
  • Support for all English letters and numbers on the ticker, plus the ability to add digital representations of characters in any other language on the ticker, to add internationalization support.
  • Support back to iOS 4.3, with a pre-compiled XCode framework for armv7 and armv7s.
  • Example code and documentation provided to get up and running quickly.

Getting up and running

Clone the repository:

git clone

Open up the example project at JATickerView/samples/JATickerViewSample/JATickerViewSample.xcodeproj .

Follow the following instructions to add the ticker framework to your own XCode project:

1. In XCode 4, select the build target for your project. Choose the Build Phases tab. Select Link Binary with Libraries, then press the plus sign. Press Add Other..., then choose JATickerView/bin/JATicker.framework , and press Open.

2. Select File -> Add Files to ..., and select JATickerView/bin/JATickerResources.bundle . Make sure to check Copy items into destination group's folder, then click Add.

3. Inside of the ViewController file that you wish to use a ticker view, import .

4. The main ticker view type is the JATickerView. You may add this view either through InterfaceBuilder or programmatically via code.

5. Be sure to set the JATickerView's delegate to a class implementing the JATickerViewDelegate protocol. The most important delegate method to implement is: -(NSString*)tickerView:(JATickerView*)tickerView tickerDataAtEnd:(NSUInteger)currentLength; which returns to the ticker a string to display. This method is called whenever the ticker has run out, or is about to run out, of text to display. It is also called the first time after the startTicker method is invoked.

6. Call the startTicker method on JATickerView to start the ticker, after its delegate has been set.

Download now on GitHub

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